Coral Gables is known for it’s amazing architecture, especially , which was one of the prevalent styles implemented during the birth of Coral Gables in the 1920s. The developer of Coral Gables, , selected Walter C. De Garmo as one of the lead architects to design the public facade of the new City Beautiful.

Walter C. DeGarmo Architect

Walter C. DeGarmo Architect

De Garmo was a resident, having moved to The Grove in 1903 after graduating from Cornell with a degree in architecture. He helped design the face not only of Coral Gables, but many other historic neighborhoods in South Florida including Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Star Island, Belle Isle, Miami Shores and even further locales such as Key Largo and Ft. Lauderdale.

De Garmo’s most prolific years were from 1906-1926, during the Miami Boom times, slowing dramatically after the devastating

De Garmo used Mission Revival and Mediterranean Revival styles in his design, with elements residents know well; stucco, open air loggias, courtyards, arches, Moorish influences, tiled flooring, barrel tile roofs, columns, etc.

Many of his designs are still landmarks throughout South Florida, both in public buildings and private residences. Here is a map of the areas you are most likely to find a De Garmo design.

View Walter C. DeGarmo – Miami’s Architect in a larger map

For further information on De Garmo, the Historical Museum of South Florida has a collection available for further research (by appointment).

De Garmo homes still are available as residences and do come on the market from time to time. They are of course, sought after and anyone interested in looking for one should be prepared to wait diligently for one to hit the market, but the wait is well worth living in such a real architectural gem and piece of our own history. Here are a few which are currently available for sale below…

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