Pasión del Cielo is a magical place in Coral Gables. A new coffee house that opened in 2009, their goal is to “offer a unique place for their customers to socialize while enjoying the best brewed coffee in town.”

They’ve met their goal! Located on Giralda in the heart of the business and restaurant district of Coral Gables, they are centrally located and easy to find.

Comfy seating areas are provided inside Pasión del Cielo as well as al fresco options in the front. Have a four-legged friend, don’t worry, there is water outside waiting for him. Relaxed and unique describe the ambiance at Pasión del Cielo. Oh, they have Free WiFi!

However, as much as ambiance is important, we go to coffee houses for coffee and that they have, wonderful, glorious coffee. They have chosen to offer coffee from the Americas selecting 11 countries best known for their high-altitude coffee production. Each bean has it’s own container and grinder and when you order your coffee, you select not only the drink (ie mocha, latte, etc) but the bean country as well (Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru). Each cup is ground and made just for you. They even have my favorite, Jamaican Blue Mountain!

Too busy to go out? Pasión del Cielo has delivery! Believe me, we make use of this service!

Thinking of going? Friend me on, where I am currently the Mayor of Pasión del Cielo! (what’s that about? check it out here)

Pasión del Cielo
100 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL

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