When a house goes on the market, the first two to four weeks are critical to the listing.  This is the HOT time for you to capture the buyers who are already in the market, ready willing and able to buy.  They have seen the existing inventory and have rejected it, either the price was not right or it didn’t suit them.  They have alerts set up with their agents and are hungry for new listings.  This is the time you are most likely to experience excited buyers, eager for a fresh new listing.  The longer a property sits on the market the more likely a buyer is going to think 1) the seller doesn’t really want to sell or 2) the seller must be desparate by now or 3) what’s wrong with the house?  In any of the scenarios the buyers are going to, more often than not, want to discount their offer more than they would if they think they are competing with other buyers.

Neither the seller(s) nor the agent controls the market, which dictates what a buyer is willing to pay for a home, but what we CAN control is pricing it correctly and marketing the heck out of it.  Some sellers might think that pricing it correctly is just the lazy agent’s answer to sell a house.  If that were true, we wouldn’t devote the amount of resources we do to marketing properties.  With less than one in ten houses selling right now, you want to SELL, you don’t want to be one of the 90% sitting on the market month after month, especially as prices continue to decline.  We market the heck out of our listings to expose them to targeted and qualified buyers and agents so that they sell for the most the market will bear.  This is a proven strategy to get you the most for your home as well as the quickest time to close, price right and market aggressively.

Each house is unique and we craft a marketing strategy to fit each home’s special qualities.  We market to potential buyers, both local and out of area (including international), and we market to other Realtors working with buyers in your area.  We highlight the best features of your home and absolutely saturate the internet with your listing.  In fact, each listing has it’s own custom designed website, just for that listing.  You will be able to see week by week how many buyers are “visiting” your listing.  If there is a buyer out there looking, they WILL know about your home.

We have a a listing marketing and management tool-belt which contains over 50 possible tactics to market, manage and sell your listing.  We sit with you, assess your home and create a strategy specific to your listing.

Here is a list of some of the tools we may use for your listing

  1. A fully custom webpage just for your property with interactive google street view maps, statistics, neighborhood info, full captivating description, tons of photos, video, and more with your own custom domain name
  2. Detailed and descriptive blog on our website and other blogs
  3. Custom photo yard sign with photos of your house and URL with a special Text code so that drive-bys can obtain the info on your home immediately, not have to call or wait until they get home.  For those with smart phones this includes a mobi version of your single property website!
  4. Custom Open House signs with your Home’s Pictures, URL and Special info Text on it
  5. Rotating featured property on our websites
  6. Placed on hundreds of local, national and international websites
  7. Enhanced Realtor.com listing with scrolling banner, highlighted info and more
  8. Interactive floor plan made exactly from your house with photos and 3D tours
  9. Custom video of your home on YouTube and many other video sites
  10. Custom video of the highlights of the neighborhood
  11. Featured in the monthly Historic Homes Newsletter mailed and emailed to data base and available in PDF on our website
  12. Professional Designer consultation for stating/prep suggestions to sell
  13. Discounted handyman services to prep your home for sale through our sister company, Papillon ReDevelopment
  14. Custom eflyers emailed to buyers already currently looking for exactly your type of property through our buyer inventory
  15. Emailed to our 2500 strong email database
  16. Emailed to all of the Miami Realtors
  17. Docent cards placed in the home to highlight the features of the home
  18. Broker Open House once a month
  19. Public Open House once a month
  20. Just listed cards to all of your closest neighbors
  21. Custom business cards just for your property including your property’s unique domain name
  22. A home warranty for the new buyer
  23. Custom note cards for the buyer with a rendering of the property (so they can brag to all their friends of their new home)
  24. Staging options
  25. Professional printed coffee table book of your home
  26. Custom water and coffee labels with your URL for open houses
  27. Prepped for maximum psychological motivational effect with text, aroma and description
  28. History of your home researched at courthouse if historic and covered in all written descriptions
  29. Walkscore to show how walkable your home is to shops, restaurants, etc.
  30. Neighborhood      info to show how engaging your neighborhood is, people buy a lifestyle, not just a home
  31. Flickr set of pictures highlighting your home in the larger Flickr set highlisting your neighborhood
  32. Photsynch cutting edge photo tour of your home
  33. Google Maps including Street views of your home
  34. Special 24/7 login for you to monitor all marketing activities and showings and feedback
  35. Weekly mini-updates sent to you via email with updates on marketing and showing
  36. Monthly detailed updates, discussed with you in person or using GoToMeeting showing you marketing, results, showing and competition so we stay fresh on the market
  37. Feedback after each showing from us and from the showing Realtor whenever possible
  38. Social Media – facebook, twitter, bookmarking and much more
  39. Craigslist and Backpage campaigns for both your listing and gathering a large list of buyers for your neighborhoo
  40. Maximizing the use of 16 photos on the MLS
  41. Professional Photography
  42. Professionally designed EFlyers
  43. PDF of coffee book to share with potential buyers
  44. Pocast on iTunes
  45. Progressive Open Houses with other brokers
  46. Transaction shared for closing with all parties to ease process using Transaction desk and Accusign for easy signing and transaction management once we are under contract
  47. Property Management availble for empty homes upon request (additional cost)
  48. We are two experienced brokers who teach nationally on how to market listings.  The marketing we provide our listings is so amazing that we currently have eleven listings from several brokers who own their own firms yet have selected Papillon Real Estate to list with, convinced we will do a better job than they are even able to do.

So you see, we are not afraid of marketing, we love it and spend a great amount of time, effort and money to market your listing and it pays off.  It pays off in quicker and more profitable sales for both the seller and for us.  We are not in the business of taking listings, we are in the business of selling homes. Together, we are a team with the seller to do just that.

If you are ready to sell your home and want to find out what kind of marketing program would best suit your home, call us today and we’ll get right to work for you and your listing!

List with Janie and Shelly

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