George Merrick, the developer of Coral Gables, is the founding father of the City Beautiful.  In addition to the Mediterranean Revival style that many know Coral Gables for, there are a few architectural gems left of an special lesser known project of Merrick’s, The Village Project.  The Village Project was a joint venture between Merrick, The American Building Company and former Ohio Governor Myers Cooper.  They planned over 1,000 residences based on architecture from around the world.  The idea was to provide a variety of architectural styles beyond the Mediterranean that had become the gold standard in Coral Gables.  Unfortunately the hurricane of 1926 and the depression which followed destroyed Merrick’s hopes of completing the project. Eighty homes from the original Villages Project are still in existence.  Below is a map of where you can find The Chinese Village, The Dutch South African Village, The French Provincial Village, The French Country Village and the Florida Pioneer Village.

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