Many buyers ask us how long it takes to schedule to see homes in Coral Gables.  Coral Gables listing agents typically show their listings, which means they are there to walk through the home, show the buyers the best features and answer any questions the buyers may have.  Showings, therefore, need to be coordinated with the listing agent and the seller as well as the buyer and the buyer’s agents.  Please plan on a minimum of 24 hours to coordinate a showing with all of the parties.  If a buyer is doing a “tour” of several homes, it might even take a little longer as we jostle around several listing agents/sellers schedules along the buyer’s tour route in order to show as many listings in the most efficient way possible.  (It is not that common to have listings on lockbox in Coral Gables, unless they are bank owned or vacant).

If a home is tenant-occupied, setting up a showing can be more tricky as the tenants may either not be excited for the home to sell or have made arrangements with the seller to only show the home on certain days, so do expect those homes to take a little longer to arrange.

Some homes have “blackout times” where the house cannot be shown, this may be a certain day of the week or time of the day which may require them to be scheduled outside the buyer tour we are planning.

The more advance notice you can provide to set up showings and the more concentrated your list, the better chance we have of getting most or all of the houses lined up in one tour.

We typically plan for 15-20 minutes to view a normal home plus travel time in between each home.  If you know that you like to spend a longer or shorter period of time in each home, let us know and we will set up the schedule accordingly.

Arriving on time for our first showing will be important as each subsequent appointment is predicated on the first one starting on time.

We find it helpful if buyers drive by the homes they would like to see to make sure they like the curb appeal and street before we make the appointments.  It’s not a great feeling to drive up to a home for a scheduled meeting with the listing agent and/or seller if the buyer decides that can’t stand the home and doesn’t even want to go in.  We know it isn’t always possible to drive by the homes first, but whenever possible, it will help to make the most productive use of our time together.

With some advance planning, we will be able to set up a time efficient route for your buyer tour.  We look forward to our time together and are there to help you find just the perfect home for you in Coral Gables.

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