Luxury Pickups in Coral GablesJust when we thought the outdated and overturned ban on parking personal-use pickup trucks in the open overnight in Coral Gables was a long a thing of the past, the issue has resurfaced.  An appellate court reversed its original ruling which struck down Coral Gables’ ban on parking pickup trucks and other commercial vehicles overnight.  The ban required all such vehicles to be garaged and out of sight from 7 PM to 7 AM.

Coral Gables maintains that pickup trucks (ALL pickup trucks) are commercial vehicles just as a plumber’s van or a landscaping truck is.  Many residents who own pickups claim that their choice of a pickup as their personal vehicle is their own choice and cannot be controlled or otherwise determined by the government.

It is clear that Coral Gables is pushing the boundaries with the classification of all pick-ups as “commercial vehicles” as a way to ban what someone in government considers unsightly, rather than to control true commercial vehicle parking.

If the true aim is to ban commercial vehicles from parking overnight, wouldn’t it be better to go by clearly defined commercial vehicle use?

  • Is there lettering or other signage on the truck?
  • Does the truck meet the size, weight and loan criteria that requires commercial vs. personal auto insurance?
  • Is there currently commercial materials in the bed of the truck?

These would be clearly identifiable indicators of commercial use.  Anything other than that is just personal preference and vehicular snobbery.  What about Hummers?  Shouldn’t they count as they were originally military vehicles.  What about Range Rovers?  Their original use was covering back country terrain.  Coral Gables’ argument that any and all pickup trucks are purely commercial doesn’t hold water.  Do you really think that a Cadillac pick-up or $50,000 Ford luxury pickup is a commercial vehicle?  Puhleez!  Most owners of such vehicles wouldn’t be caught dead putting a piece of lumber in their Rhino-lined bed of their prize vehicle.

Coral Gables ban on PickupsYou can read more on Lowell Kuvin’s website, the resident who is calling Coral Gables on their misguided and unconstitutional move to tell us, the residents, what we can drive and park as personal vehicles. I applaud Lowell for taking a stand and taking this to court, time and time again.

I can assure you this case will be appealed to the Florida Supreme Court” said Kuvin.

What do you think?  Should parking pickup trucks of any kind or use be banned overnight in Coral Gables?

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