QR codes are a very hot new thing.  They are small little codes, similar to a bar code, that can be scanned by a mobile phone to link to websites, photos and more.

We now offer QR codes for all of our Coral Gables listings!  This allows anyone with access to the QR code (via the lawn sign rider, the listing flyer or the custom business cards we make for each listing) to be able to scan the custom code and have a mobile version of the single property website stored right to their phone!

They can forward it to friends, bookmark it and have it without having to keep a paper flyer or business card.  They have instant access to all property information including pictures and price right from their phone without having to wait for a Realtor to call them back.  If they drive by at 2 AM and scan the code, they’ve got all the info!

We are one of the very few Coral Gables listing brokers who now bring QR codes and custom mobile websites to ALL of our listings!  Not only that, our listings are daisy chained together on the sites so anyone viewing one of our listings anywhere in Coral Gables will have a link to our other Coral Gables listings, multiplying your home’s exposure to Coral Gables buyers!

This QR Code for our Coral Gables Listing:

Will lead you to this Coral Gables Listings Webpage, which also is Mobile enabled:

Learn more about how a Tech Savvy Agent Will Sell Your House Differently!

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