Last week I was showing a property in the 1200 block of Lisbon when I overheard neighbor’s mentioning a recent burglary on the block.  I was taken aback.  While there has been an increase of burglaries, it seems, in Miami-Dade (even my sister was hit), Coral Gables always feels safer than many places.

Saturday night I was at a dear friend’s house in the 500 block on Minorca, and she told me that someone had broken in and stolen all of her mother’s jewelry AND a friend just north on Madeira was also broken in to.

These were in home burglaries.  I don’t know how they got into Lisbon or Madeira, but I do know that for Minorca, they went in an open window six feet off the ground.

In a review of the police reports in Coral Gables, the Police Zone 3 (Roughly the Granada Section) has had twice the residential burglaries in the past two than it did the previous two months.  I don’t know if the holidays is always a time of increased burglary activity, but whatever the cause, take all precautions to be safe.  Lock your windows and doors, have outside lights on, use your alarm system.  Now is not the time to have to worry about home invaders.

Stay safe out there!

Image courtesy of Agpvtr

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