what do you do when you want to find something? You Google it.

So it only makes sense that when you are selling your Coral Gables home, you want buyers to find it, in the same place you’d be looking… on Google

Google Search for Coral Gables Real Estate

The FIRST Brokerage site to rank organically (most trusted result) is ONE Sotheby’s International Realty and the FIRST Agent Site is www.TheCoralGablesStory.com

Google Search for “Coral Gables Historic homes for Sale

www.TheCoralGablesStory.com is 5 of the top 10 results!

** Google rankings change all the time, these searches were performed in February of 2011

If you have a house to sell in Coral Gables and want it to be found by buyers, make sure to give us  a call and….

List with Janie Coffey

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