How to sell your home in the shortest time for the most money

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Selling your house in the shortest time for the most money is every seller’s dream.

Would you like to sell your house quickly and for the most money the market will bear?  Yes?  Then follow this recipe for success (some ingredients are counter-intuitive so read on).

1. Stage the home nicely. Make it look nice, smell nice, be bright and airy and remove as much personal goods as possible.  Present a nice, clean and aesthetically pleasing experience, inside and out.  You want your home to show as a model home that the new buyers can envision themselves in, it is not YOUR home any longer, it is the future buyers’ and let them feel that, both physically and emotionally (most people buy on emotion).

2. Have a pre-inspection done and take care of all of those little things that need repairing before listing it, you don’t want inspection reports to kill your deal, or be used as a tool to reduce your price.  Show your inspection report to the potential buyers and let them know you repaired the items on the list, they will feel much more comfortable and eager about your home than the next one, which becomes an unknown.

3. Make it easy to show! Making your home easily accessible to possible buyers is key, you don’t want them to miss your house because it couldn’t be shown and make an offer on another home instead.  You and your agent are a team in this endeavor.

4. Select an agent and brokerage that knows your area and will market your home well both to potential buyers, and other Realtors.  Most homes sell through the MLS with a buyer’s agent, so they are an ideal target market.  A well prepared and experienced Listing Agent has a list of Buyer Agents who work the area.

5. The most important ingredient of all is to price it RIGHT. Most sellers are inclined to price their home high at first to “test the market” or “leave room for negotiation” and this is where the counter-intuitive stuff comes in… when you price it high, it won’t be shown, currently 9 out of 10 homes in Miami-Dade are NOT selling, you have to be the ONE out of TEN that is.  There is no market to test.  You want to be the fresh belle of the ball that everyone is fighting over and to be that, you need to look great and be priced right.  If you are, the buyers already in the market, the ones who have already seen the other NINE houses that aren’t going to sell, will recognize your home as a great new listing and will want to grab it before the other buyers do. In the home above, we had THREE offers within 92% of list price, the one that won out was full price and a well qualified buyer. These are the buyers you want to grab, these are the ones READY to buy, NOW.  If you price to high, you WILL have to reduce (the market is not changing to what you “want or need” to get out of the house, you will have to adjust to the market and when you do, it might be a lower market than when you first listed) and the longer the house sits on the market, it becomes “stale” and stigmatized.  One of the number one question buyer’s have when viewing a house is “How long has it been on the market?” If it’s been on awhile, they think one of three things 1) the seller doesn’t want to sell or 2) let’s lowball it, they must be desperate by now or 3) what’s wrong with it? Why isn’t anyone buying it? NONE of these are putting the seller in a good position.

So, as my good friend Cheryl Ritchie says…

“It’s a beauty contest and a price war, and you have to WIN at both”

With 9 out of 10 houses NOT selling, you can see the truth in her statement.  The home above shows how true it is.  The owners did everything right.  They made it show like a showpiece, they made it very accessible for showings (five showings in one day!) and they priced it with the market (NOT UNDER!).  Within seven days, we had three offers and went with the well financed, full price offer.

This is a lesson to all sellers, houses are selling, and they are selling at market value and quickly, but you DO have to listen to the market and respect it.

If you’d like to learn how you can sell your house quickly and for the most the market will bear, give me a call, 786-252-4970 to

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