This is a very interesting question and sellers might be surprised to find out that the overwhelming amount of homes in Coral Gables are sold via a listing agent but in conjunction with a cooperating agent (one working with the buyers). Sellers hire a listing agent to find a buyer and often think the agent has a bunch of perfect buyers for their home in their back pocket.  This is rarely the case for owner occupant homes which are so specific to tastes, needs and wants.  If we were talking about investor buyers, the numbers are much different as they are buying a commodity, not a home.  The reality is the majority of homes, 85% in fact, sold in Coral Gables 2011 to date, were in partnership with a cooperating broker.

The listing agent’s job is to sell the property and they will do everything at their disposal to do that. A good Coral Gables listing agent knows these numbers and not only markets to reach buyers directly, but markets to reach other agents they know work with buyers in Coral Gables.

Some of the things a Coral Gables Listing Agent does to market to buyer’s agents include:

  • Holding Broker’s Open Houses on Wednesdays
  • Advertising directly through email marketing
  • Calling their data base of active Coral Gables buyer’s agents
  • Networking with Coral Gables agents in person and via social media
  • Keeping and grooming a database of Coral Gables Realtors

While it does happen that a listing agent may find a buyer directly through internet marketing, their own data base and other marketing efforts, they embrace working with cooperating agents as well.  Additionally, it cold be that the internet and direct marketing an agent does for a listing does, in fact, reach the perfect buyers, but if they are already working with a buyer’s agent who will still be the one to make the appointment.

Make sure to hire a listing agent for your Coral Gables home who knows this information and who works diligently to find you a buyer, whatever the avenue is, both with, and without a buyer’s agent.

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