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Coral Gables awarded Crown Communities Excellence Award

December 27, 2010 Coral Gables

Coral Gables is one of six cities awarded the 2010 America Crown Community Excellence Award

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Real Estate Update for the historic Granada Section of Coral Gables

November 29, 2010 Coral Gables

Map and real estate market data for Coral Gables historic Granada Section, built in the 1920s

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Long time Coral Gables residents sought

October 25, 2010 Coral Gables

Let the Coral Gables Story come to you to record your memories and special stories of Coral Gables!

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The Coral Gables Museum opens its doors 10/10/10 at 10

October 8, 2010 Coral Gables

Coral Gables Museum Open House and Ribbon Cutting this weekend for official opening! 10/10/10 between 10 and 10!

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A Unique Opportunity to Purchase a Piece of Coral Gables History

October 2, 2010 Businesses for Sale

25 year old Paper Emporium, a Coral Gables beloved paper and stationary store is for sale

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St. Theresa School Celebrates 85 Years of Service to Coral Gables

October 1, 2010 Coral Gables
Thumbnail image for St. Theresa School Celebrates 85 Years of Service  to Coral Gables

85 Years in the Making! St. Theresa School Celebrates 85 Years of Service to Coral Gables and our Catholic Families

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Renting in Coral Gables? Here’s the scoop on your new pad!

July 28, 2010 Condo
Thumbnail image for Renting in Coral Gables? Here’s the scoop on your new pad!

all that’s fit to print (and know) regarding rentals in Coral Gables, FL

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Just what is The Coral Gables Story all about?

July 19, 2010 Coral Gables

Gathering and sharing the stories of Coral Gables’ past, present and future. One person, one place, one story at a time.

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Night at the Coral Gables Museum: Pre-Opening Sneak Peek!

July 18, 2010 Coral Gables

Museum Night at the Coral Gables Museum with the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

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Looks of the Past – Vintage, Thrift and Consignment in Miami

May 31, 2010 Coral Gables

A map of the vintage, thrift and consignment shops in Miami

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Historic Coral Rock Home Ready to Renovate – Ingraham Highway

May 8, 2010 Coconut Grove

Coral Rock home on Ingraham Highway is ready to be renovated. Make it your own. Built in 1912, one of Miami’s oldest homes and part of our history.

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George Merrick’s Historic Villages in Coral Gables

May 6, 2010 Coral Gables

The Chinese Village, The Dutch South African Village, The French Provincial Village, The French Country Village and the Florida Pioneer Village in Coral Gables

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Memories of Family Vacations from DE that brought a Family to Coral Gables

April 10, 2010 Coral Gables

childhood visits to Miami Beach, a honeymoon years later and family in Coral Gables, a family through the years

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17th Annual Miami International Map Fair at the HMSF

February 2, 2010 Events

The Historical Museum of Southern Florida’s Miami International Map Fair, the #1 map fair in the world.

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