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Founded in the 1920s by developer George Merrick, Coral Gables is surrounded by historic homes. The vast majority are Mediterranean Revival homes which can easily be identified with their barrel tile roofs, arches, thick stuccoed walls, parapet walls and keystone details. Additional styles to be found in Coral Gables include Spanish Eclectic (with Moorish, Byzantine, Renaissance and Gothic influences), Coral Rock Bungalows and Old Florida. George Merrick had a vision of villages across the city representing the far reaches of the globe. While his grander project did not come into being, a few of the villages do survive including The Chinese Village, The French Country Village, The Dutch South African Village, The French Provencal Village, The Italian Village and the Florida Pioneer Village. Noted architects of day include Walter De Garmo, Denman Fink, H. George Fink and Phineas Paist. Finding a home from any of them is a true treat for lover of historic homes.

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