Luxury homes in Coral Gables

Luxury living and Coral Gables go hand and hand. From historic homes lining the golf course to stunning bayfront estates, we have homes that would please the most discriminating buyer. The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing uses the upper 10% of any market as the "luxury market". In Miami-Dade County, homes over $1,500,000 fit into this category. __% of the homes in Coral Gables meet this description. Along with luxury homes comes certain features many have come to expect in a luxury home. Updated kitchens, butlers pantries, servant quarters, in home theaters and media rooms, safe rooms and specialty storage areas for anything from suitcase closets to holiday decoration closets. Outdoor living in Miami is a year round activity so expect to find lavish pools, spas, tennis courts, docks and lush tropical gardens with many Coral Gables homes. Guest houses, cabanas and summer kitchens are a few additional buildings you may find as well. Living life luxuriously has never been easier than it is in Coral Gables.

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